House Parents Jobs

Welcome to our directory of house parent jobs, also known as parent teacher or family teaching couple positions. These roles involve living with and caring for children, offering a unique and rewarding experience for couples who are passionate about fostering and nurturing young lives. Ideal for those with a servant's heart, these positions are in high demand. Don't wait—explore our current listings and find the perfect house parenting job that fits your calling today.

Milton Hershey School

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Job listings by nature are temporary. This is why a job search can’t be a one time situation. If you really want to find the perfect couples position, you have to watch what becomes available over a period of time.

We can’t predict the future job listings in this section, but if you want to see the types of positions you can expect over time, we suggest you take a look at the archived jobs. These jobs are not currently open, but we keep the titles and descriptions available, so that you can get a better feel for the jobs that do get posted in this category and/or location.