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Getting Started

Q: How do I join/participate?

A: Simply click on the appropriate tab at the top of the page. If you're a job-seeking couple, select the "Job-Seeker" tab, then "Join" from the drop-down menu to see your participation options. Employers should click the "Employers" tab, then choose "Post Job" from the drop-down menu, and follow the registration links from there.


Q: What are the differences between free and paid subscriptions?

A: The main difference lies with you! It depends on how urgent your desire/need for a couples job is right now. For more information, visit workingcouples.com/subscribe-now


Q: I've subscribed, but I'm having trouble accessing my account. What can I do?

A: You might encounter this issue if you've subscribed with one username and are trying to access the site with another. If you're having trouble logging in, simply drop us an email with the details and we'll resolve the issue, usually within a couple of hours.


About WorkingCouples.com

Q: Why should we choose WorkingCouples.com over other job posting sites?

A: All of our jobs are specifically for couples! We are the largest source for jobs aimed at couples, so you can save time and find jobs suitable for both of you in one place.


Q: How often are new jobs posted on the site?

A: We post new job listings regularly, depending on how many we receive from employers. We recommend frequently checking the site for the latest opportunities.


Q: Can I get updates on Facebook?

A: Absolutely! You can follow our WorkingCouples.com page on Facebook for updates.


Job Seeking & Application

Q: Are there any specific requirements or qualifications for a couple to apply for jobs?

A: Each job listing will have its own requirements and qualifications as set by the employer. However, a key factor is the ability for both individuals to work well together as a team.


Q: What type of applicants are employers usually looking for?

A: Employers are open to all kinds of team configurations: traditional husband/wife teams, parent/child, friend/friend, or significant others. The most important aspect is a good fit. Don't hesitate to apply for positions you feel you are qualified for.


Q: Are there any resources or tips for making our job application stand out?

A: Yes, we offer resources and tips for job-seekers on our blog section (link at the top of the page). You can find advice on crafting your resume, preparing for interviews, and more.


Q: If we have questions about a specific job listing, who should we contact?

A: For inquiries about a specific job listing, you should contact the employer directly using the contact details provided in the listing.


Job Listings & Opportunities

Q: Are there any jobs that can be done remotely?

A: Yes, some jobs listed on our site can be done remotely. These jobs will usually indicate this in the job listing.


Q: Where are most of the job positions located geographically?

A: Positions can be anywhere in the world. Although we are a US-based organization and most of the openings are in North America, you may occasionally find positions from other continents.


Q: I'm considering a job in another country. Where can I find information about visa/passport requirements?

A: Visa and passport requirements vary by country and should be addressed by the employer, as each country has its own laws and regulations.


Privacy & Safety

Q: How can we ensure our privacy and safety when applying for jobs on your site?

A: Your privacy is important to us. We never share your personal information without your consent. When applying for jobs, remember to never share sensitive personal information like your social security number or bank account details. If you encounter any suspicious activity on our site, report it to us immediately.


Pricing & Discounts

Q: Are there any discounts or promotional codes available for the paid subscription?

A: Occasionally, we run promotional offers for new or existing subscribers. Stay updated by keeping an eye on our website and our Facebook page.


Q: I know it's only $9.95 per month for a paid subscription, but we are flat broke. Are there any options for us?

A: We understand. Even if you can't afford the daily fee for a paid subscription, you can still fully access all the job openings with our free subscription program. You will just miss out on the extra features such as having a google ad-free experience on the site, being able to include your resumes(s) in our online database, being able to get customizable daily email alerts of new jobs, etc. 

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