FEATURED JOB OPENING: Multifaceted Retreat Center Maintenance, Sales, Marketing, Outdoor Education, Cleaning, etc. - Pescadero, CA

FEATURED JOB OPENING: Multifaceted Retreat Center Maintenance, Sales, Marketing, Outdoor Education, Cleaning, etc. - Pescadero, CA

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We are looking for a couple, who have a wide variety of skills and experience. We are a nonprofit retreat center on 20 acres of mostly untouched nature all around. We also have cabins, along with other structures a pool, hot tub and more. Our main focus is spiritual, wellness and personal growth in a very peaceful and natural setting. We also have a deep respect and love for nature, natural ecosystems, so we don't use pesticides, and do everything we can to preserve the health of the land we tend to here. 

We have many skills we hope to find from couples who are interested, but not all that we listed here is necessary. But if a couple applies, who have many of these skills we would love to talk with you.

Building/Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Operation Knowledge of Rural Water Pump Systems, Pool & Spa, Gardening, Tree Trimming, Landscape Design & Maintenance, Regenerative Farming, Off Grid Plan & Implementation, Mechanical Understanding Diagnostics/Troubleshooting & Repairs.

Administrative Support, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Nonprofit Administration, Customer Service, Tours, Event Support & Planning, Wedding Sales & Planning, Outdoor Education, Program Development, Directors & Teachers, Grant Writing, Fundraising, Networking and more.

Our other really big project that we are seeking help with, is the restoration of our Main Lodge, which was built around 1910. It was flooded with mud the winter before last, and we are finally going to be able to start the process of restoring it, so that it can again, be in service as soon as possible. Anyone who loves working on old buildings with a respect and care for restoring the "old" rather than replacing with "new" would be someone we'd like to interview. 

We wish to move towards being off the grid, and implementing regenerative farming practices, on a small scale, more as a teaching model, along with hopes to bring food to the table for our guests, so help in these directions are a plus. 

another hope is to build an amphitheater on the property, hopefully behind our Main Lodge which we are restoring. This will hopefully be home to many wonderful performances under the stars, surrounded by trees and nature. 

please tell us about your experience and interests. 

Ideally we would be looking for a couple who lives in a trailer, or who would consider acquiring one. 

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